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Meet MoSY Photography - a passionate and dedicated photographer with a unique perspective and a drive to tell stories through art.

As a refugee from Syria, MoSY fell in love with photography while capturing the realities of the Syrian civil war. When they arrived in Canada, they were determined to turn their passion into a career. With the help of a friend's professional camera, MoSY taught themselves the ins and outs of photography and gradually built a portfolio specializing in various types of photography including portrait, real estate, event/wedding, and product photography, as well as videography.

MoSY Photography is dedicated to capturing your special moments and telling your story. With a diverse range of skills, MoSY can help you showcase your property with stunning real estate photography, capture the love and joy of your wedding day, create headshots that make you stand out, or tell your brand's story with commercial photography and videography.

If you're looking for a passionate, dedicated photographer with a unique perspective, please reach out to MoSY Photography and let's chat about how they can help you tell your story through art.

photographer of the year award 2023
videographer of the year award 2023
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