Photography has always been my passion and dream, ever since I was a kid growing up in Syria.  I love to tell stories and I believe that one of the best ways to do this is through art - including photos and videos. However, it was only when I came to Canada that I was able to transform my dream into a reality and pursue opportunities that were never available to me before.


During the Syrian civil war, I began capturing photos and video footage, initially to share with the world what was happening in the hopes of raising awareness and building a more peaceful community. After fleeing Syria, what started as mainly passion and interest - photos and videos from my phone - quickly turned into a desire for something more.


When I arrived in Canada as a refugee, I was determined to further pursue my passion, but had left everything behind, and had limited finances. A friend was kind enough to lend me his professional camera, and I went on a mission to teach myself everything I could about camera settings and how to professionally shoot and edit photos. I took several courses and watched every video out there! My photos quickly gained attention in both the local and national community, and as clients began reaching out to request shoots, I finally took the first step and purchased a professional camera second-hand.


Once I realized that I could actually make a career out of what I was most passionate about, there was no turning back! I gradually worked to build my portfolio to specialize in various types of photography including portrait photography, real estate photography, event/wedding photography, product photography, and videography. And with excitement and gratitude - MoSY Photography was born!

If you want someone to represent you and tell your story by capturing your special moments, please reach out to me and let’s chat!